Monday, 18 June 2012

Plain White Bread

How to make plain white bread at home? Follow this simple easy recipe and enjoy the pleasure of freshly home baked bread daily!


-White flour 2 cups
-Yiest (instant) 20 gms
-Sugar 1 tbsp
-Salt 1 tsp
-Milk powder 2 tbsp
-Butter 4tbsps
-Baking Powder or Bread Improver 1 tsp
-Warm water to knead


- Sift the flour and mix salt, baking powder/improver, milk powder together.
-Make a well in the center and add yiest with sugar, as sugar will help it rise quickly.
-Rub in butter and make a dough with warm water.
-The dough should be soft. Tap it on the cuonter a few times and knead it for 5 mins.

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